3 Easy Bar Snacks To Cook In Your Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

Take a look at our top choices of bar snacks that can easily be cooked in your electric pizza oven.

Perfect for venues who want to offer snacks for customers but don't have a full kitchen.

1. Pizza....(obviously!)

Ok so lets start with the obvious, why not offer pizzas by the slice? Customers who have come in for a sociable drink or two generally wouldn't want a whole pizza so selling by the slice has become big business. 

Cook one large pizza and share it out amongst patrons, they'll often come back for more and profit margins by the slice can be great!

Pizza By The Slice

2. Warm Cookies

Not the first thing you think of when you use a pizza oven but they are perfect for warming up cookies. If you're open during the day and sell a lot of tea & coffee the smell of warm cookies will surely tempt your customers. 

Warm cookies baked in pizza oven

3. Pies!

Sports bar or regular football trade? Why not tempt some of your regulars with warm pies, fresh from the pizza oven! The perfect treat for any fan.

Savoury Pie

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