How To Clean Your Ice Machine

Download a copy of the "How to Clean Your Ice Maker Guide" here.  Print it out and stick it up in next to your machine.

How to clean your Hoshizaki ice maker

To be performed weekly.

Before you begin - ensure your hands and arms are clean to prevent any bacteria entering the machine.

Machine & Bin Exterior

Spray the exterior of the machine & bin with Ice Clear, use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the machine.

Scoop & Bin Handle

Spray both the scoop and the bin handle with Ice Clear, then rinse thoroughly. Use a clean cloth to dry.


Storage Bin Interior

1. Remove all ice from the storage bin, do not introduce any chemicals into the machine unless ice is removed. 

2. Wash the bin liner with Ice Clear and rinse thoroughly.

3. Soak a clean cloth with Ice Clear and wipe both sides of the slope and the door's inner surface. Wipe off the cleaner with a damp cloth.

4. Mix 5 litres of water with 18ml of 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite solution in a suitable container.

5. Soak a clean sponge or cloth in the solution and wipe the bin liner, bin door and slope. Note - do not wipe dry or rinse after sanitising, allow to air dry.


Air Filter

If the filter is clogged the ice maker's performance will be affected.

1. First slide the filter out of the filter guide.

2. Clean the filter by using a vacuum cleaner, be careful as filters can be delicate.


Ice Clear is available to buy here:

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