Why do I need salt for my glass and dish washer? And how to use it!

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Salt must be added to the water in hard water areas as it acts on the limescale to soften the water. It is also used in soft water areas to aid rinsing.

The salt used in your ware washer is sodium chloride which is course grained and prevents the softener unit clogging up. Please note, this is not table salt, adding table salt to your washer will damage it by corroding the pipes. 


dish and glass washer salt


How to add salt to your Classeq dish or glass washer:

Classeq Undercounter unit diagram

1. Open the door to the machine.

2. Remove the right hand basket ramp.

3. Open the salt reservoir cap at the back right hand corner of the wash tank.

4. Fill the reservoir with fresh water.

5. Using the salt funnel supplied fill the reservoir with approximately 1.5kg of granulated salt.

6. Wipe away any excess or spilt salt from the cabinet and the reservoir opening.

7. Refit the cap to the reservoir, ensure that the cap is fitted flat and secure.

Ensure you check salt levels regularly and top up as needed. If no salt is in the reservoir this will lead to a build up of limescale. Please note damage caused by the build up of limescale is never covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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