5 of The Most Christmassy Pubs

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Christmas spirit is in full flow so we've taken a look back at some of the most Christmassy pubs over the years to give you some festive inspiration. 

1. The Queen Victoria Inn, Somerset

The Queen Victoria Inn, Somerset

The Queen Victoria Inn, Somerset (SWNS.com, 2017)

A true Hansel and Gretel masterpiece, Mark, the landlord at the time transformed The Queen Victoria in to The Gingerbread Inn just in time for Christmas. 

One of his friends made all of the decorations which included giant candy canes and lollipops. They even created a show stopping Christmas tree made from wine bottles. 

2. The Marine, Eastbourne

The Marine, Eastbourne, christmas decorations

The Marine, Eastbourne (themarinepub.co.uk, 2018)

Pub landlord, Phil, roped his regulars in to putting these Christmas decorations up, it took them nearly two weeks to finish the masterpiece of 22,000 lights, baubles and tinsel! 

3. The Churchill Arms, Kensington

The Churchill Arms, Kensington, Christmas Decorations

The Churchill Arms, Kensington (SWNS.com, 2016)

It's no surprise to see The Churchill Arms on our list, this Kensington pub always pulls out all of the stops around Christmas time. 

This year they plan to outdo themselves with over 21,000 lights and 90 Christmas trees decorating the exterior of the building.

4. The Summer House, Dudley

The Summer House, Dudley

The Summer House, Dudley (mirror.co.uk, 2014)

There's a very definite theme going on at The Summer House, with a 17ft Olaf snowman to welcome customers and Frozen playing on repeat in the kids corner. Perhaps changing their name to The Winter House would be more appropriate?

5. The Hanging Gate Pub, Peak District

The Hanging Gate, Peak District

The Hanging Gate Pub, Peak District (dailymail.co.uk, 2014)

Inside this venue is where the magic can be found, each year the owners change up the decor to the wonder of their customers. Above shows their display from 2014 and below is the year after in 2015. We're excited to see what this year brings...

The Hanging Gate Pub, Peak District (Tripadvisor, 2015)

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