How to Pour the Perfect Pint

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At Clear Cool we're passionate about reducing wastage in your venue, many of our quality products are designed to help you achieve the perfect pint. 

Take a look at our easy steps to guide you:

1. Select the Right Glass

We all know how annoying it is to be served a drink in the wrong glass. Each beer has a certain type of glassware that compliments it, so make sure everyone is aware of which glass goes with which drink.



2. Use Premium Detergent 


Glass washer detergent makes a huge difference to the performance and results of your machine. Clear Cool have worked with manufacturers in the UK to develop our own premium Crystal Clear detergent which removes all proteins and deposits without degrading your glasses. 

It is also essential that you use a Renovate regularly, especially if you have new glassware. This removes any chemicals lingering on the glasses that could affect the beer that is poured in to it.

3. Wash Your Glassware

It's now time to ensure your glasses are clean, head over to our glass washers page to read about our high quality Classeq range. These glass washers offer consistent results and economical washing. Clear Cool can supply these machines on a rental scheme so no need to worry about large upfront payments.

4. Dry Your Glassware

This is the part of the process that most busy bars fall down on. They are going through glassware so rapidly they don't have time to stand drying glasses or to wait for them to air dry. That's where the Airack comes in. Just place your freshly washed glasses (still in their basket) on to the Airack and watch them dry within 4 minutes, not 40! 

When beer hits a wet glass it inhibits gas release, therefore leaving the pint flat and often leading to a customer complaint and wastage.


6. Pour the Pint!

Finally it's time to pour that perfect pint. Initially it is best to hold the glass at a 45° angle, keeping the spout of the tap as close to the edge of the glass as possible. As the glass fills turn it to a 90° angle (upright) until full. This should allow for the perfect amount of head on the beer. 

Perfect pint

Congratulations you now have the perfect pint!





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