KORA DRYMIST GC200 Sanitising Solution - Clear Cool

KORA DRYMIST GC200 Sanitising Solution

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Kora DryMist (5L) is a quick and cost effective means of sanitising any environment and is a Disinfectant - Sanitizer - Fungicide - Virucide and Deodoriser .

This solution is to be used in our fogging machines.

Apart from shielding staff from Covid-19 and all other Coronaviruses, the Kora DRYMIST will also help stop the spread of the common cold, flu, stomach upsets and many more illnesses which can infiltrate and disrupt schools, businesses and homes.

  • Kills enveloped viruses (Sars-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus) along with 99.9% of other viruses, gram positive and gram negative bacterium.
  • A typical family sized car would cost less than 50p to sanitise (approximately 50ml).
  • A classroom/office/shop measuring 200 cubic meters would cost less than £2.00 to sanitise (approximately 200ml).
  • Our ready to use sanitiser is quick to apply and the vehicle or room is ready for re-entry after only 10 minutes (see application guidelines).
  • Odourless and will not damage electrical items (see application guidelines).
  • No residue, so will not leave residue on mirrors, screens or other surfaces.