Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package - Clear Cool
Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package - Clear Cool
Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package - Clear Cool
Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package - Clear Cool
Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package - Clear Cool

Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package

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Just £68.04+vat* per week rental. Please send us message here or call us on 0800 7311 026 and we will be in touch to arrange a no obligation survey.

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Introducing the Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package: Your Complete Solution for Snack Menus and Premium Hot Drinks!

If you're looking to create a full snack menu accompanied by a range of premium hot drinks, our Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package is the perfect choice for you. This powerful combination provides you with all the necessary tools to launch a diverse snack menu that can be enjoyed in-house or taken away.

Key Features of the Package:

  1. Attract Passing Trade: With our Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package, you can draw in passing trade looking for a hot drink. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of delicious snacks will entice customers to step inside your establishment.

  2. Morning Coffee and Pastry Trade: Enhance your morning trade by offering irresistible coffee and pastry combinations. Capture the attention of early risers and provide them with a satisfying start to their day.

  3. Increase End-of-Night Profits: Boost your end-of-night profits by offering takeaway pizza. Whether it's for a late-night snack or a convenient meal on the go, providing pizza as a takeaway option can attract more customers and increase revenue.

  4. Great Margins on Premium Hot Drinks: The Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package allows you to develop excellent profit margins by offering premium hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate. These sought-after beverages can generate high sales and contribute to your overall profitability.

Peace of Mind with Clear Cool:

As with all Clear Cool rentals, this package comes with a full warranty and servicing for the lifetime of your contract. Rest assured, our dedicated support team will ensure that your machines are always running smoothly, eliminating the worry of malfunctioning equipment during crucial trading hours.

*Subject to Purchasing Coffee Beans via Clear Cool:

Please note that to maintain the package price, it is necessary to purchase coffee beans exclusively through Clear Cool. This ensures consistent quality and allows us to provide the package at £63.50 +VAT per week. Without purchasing coffee beans via Clear Cool, the price increases to £73.50 +VAT per week.

Experience the Coffee Machine & CIBO Oven Package and unlock the potential of your snack menu and premium hot drinks. Take advantage of this comprehensive solution to cater to diverse customer preferences and maximise your profits. Contact us today to get started!