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Airack Glass Dryer - Size 50

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Reduce wastage with an Airack glass dryer

  • Reduce wastage, an Airack prevents glasses from becoming cross contaminated with cloths or towels that you may usually use to dry glasses. This reduces wastage as there are no contaminants to react with the beer/drink poured in to the glass. 
  • Save time, the Airack dries 10x faster than naturally air drying and can dry up to 15 racks per hour.
  • Suitable for glasses of all sizes - wine glasses, pint glasses, half pint glasses, cocktail glasses.
  • Easy to use with no professional installation needed, the device simply sits on any counter top and plugs in to a standard 13amp socket.
  • Available in three sizes - 40, 45, 50, these refer to the basket sizes of your glass washer.
  • 1 year warranty - parts and labour.
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Electrical: Single phase 3 amp
Machine Finish: Recycled plastic
Colours: Black
Sizes: 40, 45 or 50
Basket/Rack Size: 400㎟ up to 500㎟
Basket/Racks Per Hour: Up to 15
Basket/Rack Capacity: Up to 30 pint glasses
Standard Cycle Time (mins): Manual - Up to 30 mins
Control System: Manual
Dimensions (mm): W560 x H195 x D565


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